Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sweden convicts Uzbekistan man of planning terrorist attack


tiamin rice

A Swedish court has convicted a man from Uzbekistan to seven years in prison on terrorism charges, including acquiring chemicals for bomb-making.

On Friday, the Solna district court ruled David Idrisson, 46, was to be expelled from Sweden after serving his sentence.

“Idrisson was found guilty of acquiring the chemicals, reading a bomb manual on a messaging platform and “planning a bomb attack in the name of Islamic State,’’ judge Patrik Alm told newsmen.

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The judge added that the two other men, one from Uzbekistan and one from Kyrgyztan, charged on similar counts were acquitted.

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They were, however, released from custody earlier this week.

The trio was also charged with acquiring two bayonets and radio headsets.

Evidence included chat conversations and information secured from computers and mobile phones seized in different raids.

The first raids were conducted in April.

The suspected crimes took place in the greater Stockholm area as well as in Stromsund, northern Sweden.

The national terrorist alert level was not affected by the events.


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