Friday, September 24, 2021

Syrian opposition decries al-Assad’s victory, calls vote illegal

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The opposition said the election on May 26, that saw Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claim a fourth term in office was illegal.

The vote was conducted on Wednesday in Syria’s government-controlled areas.

Those who turned up had a choice of three contenders, including al-Assad.

“The election was held without legitimacy. It forced those in charge to forge and manipulate its results,’’ Hadi al-Bahra, an opposition figure and the co-head of the Syrian constitutional committee wrote on Twitter.

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Bahra disputed official claims that 78.6 per cent of eligible Syrian voters cast ballots.

Al-Assad won a fourth seven-year term with 95.1 per cent of the ballots, Hamoud Sabagh, head of the Syrian parliament, said on Thursday.

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Opposition spokesperson Yehia al-Aridi said the presidential polls, Syria’s second since its civil war erupted in 2011, had brought “contempt on Syria and its people.’’

Aridi told dpa that the election has defied world efforts to find a solution to the Syrian crisis in accordance with international resolutions.

Al-Assad, 55, has ruled Syria since 2000, his father, Hafez, governed Syria from 1971 to 2000.

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Syria’s crisis started with peaceful pro-democracy protests in March 2011.

It soon evolved into a full-blown conflict, drawing in foreign fighters and powers.


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