Friday, April 16, 2021



Israel lifts restrictions on Gaza fishing zone after relative calm

Israel has eased restrictions on the Gaza Strip’s fishing zone, a reward for a period of relative calm, once again expanding the area to 15 nautical miles (some 28 kilometres) on Wednesday.

Israel resumes strikes on Gaza

Israel resumed strikes on Islamic Jihad terror targets in the Gaza Strip, its military said in the early hours of Friday morning, less than a day after a fragile ceasefire deal went into effect to stop the most intense fighting in years in the region.

Gaza begins Ramadan fasting amidst deadly bombings by Israeli forces

Gazans on Monday faced a first day of Ramadan overshadowed by funerals and the grim task of pulling bodies from collapsed buildings. This incident is...

Signs of Israeli crimes against humanity during Gaza protests – UN

UN investigators say there is evidence pointing to grave, systematic human rights violations by Israeli security forces who killed 189 Palestinian demonstrators and injured...

Israel, Gaza exchange fire after Palestinian woman killed at border

Israeli aircraft pounded over a dozen militant targets in Gaza, the army said Sunday, after Palestinian projectile fire shattered a ceasefire reached just days...

Israeli hits dozens of Gaza targets after mortar barrage

Israel said it hit dozens of military targets in Gaza on Tuesday in response to a barrage of mortar and rocket fire from the...

Palestinians launch boats from Gaza to protest Israeli blockade

Palestinians launched boats from Gaza on Tuesday to protest Israel's blockade, a move likely to further raise tensions after mortar fire from the enclave...

Palestinian president to shun Pence over Jerusalem move

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas will refuse to meet US Vice President Mike Pence later this month following Washington's controversial policy shift on Jerusalem, an...

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