Sunday, April 11, 2021


Hong kong

‘One country, two systems’ in Hong Kong failed, says Taiwan

Taiwan says the model of “one country, two systems” imposed in Hong Kong has failed because Beijing has betrayed its promises to keep a high degree of autonomy for 50 years after the 1997 handover from British rule.

China to impose visa restrictions on U.S. citizens

China on Monday said it would impose visa restrictions on U.S. citizens as tensions rise over Hong Kong’s autonomy, state media reported.

British PM Johnson tells China, ‘We’ll not walk away from Hong Kong people’

Britain will not walk away from the people of Hong Kong if China imposes a national security law that would conflict with its international obligations under a 1984 accord.

Britain has ‘colonial mentality’ toward Hong Kong, says China

China on Wednesday accused Britain of having a “colonial mentality,” after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised Hong Kong residents a path to citizenship if China enacted planned national security laws.

Hundreds arrested during Hong Kong’s Mother’s Day protests

Hong Kong Police said 230 people, including children, were arrested on Monday after they responded to a series of pro-independence protests.

Hong Kong reports its first day of no new coronavirus cases

Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection, CHP, part of the Department of Health, confirmed there were no new cases of coronavirus reported on Monday, the first such day since cases began to be recorded.

Thousands stranded on cruise ships as Coronavirus deaths near 500

Thousands of passengers became stranded aboard two cruise ships in Japan and Hong Kong on Wednesday amid reports of coronavirus infections on board, while in China the death toll from the disease climbed to nearly 500.

Over 100 protesters barricaded inside Hong Kong University

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Tuesday said over 100 protesters are still barricaded inside Hong Kong university.

China wants to boost Hong Kong law enforcement, patriotism

Chinese leadership wants to, on the one hand, strengthen law enforcement in Hong Kong and on the other hand, enhance “national consciousness” and patriotism in the city, a Chinese official on Friday said.

Hong Kong govt formally withdraws extradition bill

Hong Kong’s government has formally withdrawn a controversial extradition bill that sparked months of mass protests.

China accuses Apple of aiding Hong Kong protests through toxic apps

Apple is the latest in a series of foreign companies and organisations to have come under fire in China for their alleged support of Hong Kong protesters.

Hong Kong reopens after weekend of clashes, protests

Hong Kong’s businesses and metro stations reopened as usual on Monday after a chaotic Sunday when police fired water cannon, tear gas and rubber...

Hong Kong protests set to resume after violent weekend clashes 

Demonstrators plan to stage another sit-in at Hong Kong’s international airport on Monday amid public outcry over the heavy-handed police response to anti-government protests...

Hong Kong rallies turned into clashes for third consecutive day

Tear gas was fired across Hong Kong on Monday as one by one peaceful rallies in seven city districts turned into clashes between police...

Eddie Chu: Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker barred from contesting election

Hong Kong authorities barred on Monday a pro-democracy lawmaker, Eddie Chu, from running in a local election. He was barred for “implicitly” supporting Hong Kong’s...

Thousands march in Hong Kong as restrictions grow

Protesters marched through central Hong Kong on Sunday in one of the city's major annual pro-democracy rallies as organisers said the event was coming...

Taiwan rescue workers pull more bodies from quake rubble

After hours of painstaking search efforts, Taiwanese rescue workers pulled two more bodies from the flattened remains of a hotel Friday, bringing the death...

Students protest in Hong Kong over compulsory Mandarin

Hundreds of Hong Kong students protested Friday as tensions escalate on campuses over compulsory testing of Mandarin -- the dominant language of mainland China. The...

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