Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Reuben Abati

Nigeria 2019: Have we learnt any lessons?, by Reuben Abati

The 2019 general election in Nigeria has been described by international and local observers, stakeholders, direct participants and the electorate themselves as a “disappointment”, “ a bad day for democracy”,

Soyinka and Nigeria’s dinner with the devil, by Reuben Abati

Professor Wole Soyinka was a keynote speaker at the maiden annual lecture of the Ripples Centre for Data and Investigative Journalism held in Lagos...

Dapchi 110: The tragedy of a nation, by Reuben Abati

Karma is a bitch. Poetic justice is a bastard. Both have combined to wrong-foot the incumbent Buhari administration to make it look like a big mistake and an act of misjudgment by the Nigerian electorate. 

The 82 Chibok girls and other stories, by Reuben Abati

“Eku amojuba awon 82 Chibok girls, o” “What is that supposed to mean in plain English? You better watch your tongue. It will be politically...

Journalism, Southern Kaduna and religious bigotry, by Abdullahi Yunusa

Time was when knowledge seekers relied on the news media as a rich information hub to make informed commentaries on burning national issues. Things...

The online warriors, by Reuben Abati

My criticisms of the excesses of the online phenomenon in terms of its brazen abuse in an unregulated environment has often made me the...

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