Sunday, May 16, 2021


substance abuse

COVID-19 Lockdown increasing domestic violence, substance abuse in Nigeria — Psychologist

A Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr Akin Gabriel, on Monday said that the lockdown imposed in certain states to contain COVID-19 has led to increased domestic violence, substance abuse and distorted perceptions in people.

Youths now boil used menstrual pads to get high – Report

Teenagers are now using menstrual pads to get high by boiling the sanitary product and then drinking the water, Indonesian officials have warned. Several local...

Effects of substance abuse among women, by Rukayya Ibrahim Iyayi

Drug abuse poses various kinds of problems impacting the user, their families and the community at large. The broad impact of drug use on families is tremendous. It is the family to which the dependent user turns to in times of emotional or physical distress or crisis. 

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