Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Tedros Ghebreyesus

Rich countries getting COVID-19 vaccine faster than poor ones, WHO cries out

The World Health Organisation, WHO, has cried out over a seeming marginalisation in the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines, saying that high-income countries are acquiring the drugs faster than the low-income ones.

COVID-19: Vaccination no guarantee of virus eradication, says WHO

The World Health Organisation, WHO, has listed some of its achievements in combating COVID-19 in 2020, noting that vaccination is no guarantee of virus eradication.

COVID-19: WHO celebrates 2020 as year of vaccine discovery

The World Health Organisation, WHO, says it celebrated the discovery of COVID-19 vaccine as the year 2020 draws to an end.

Africa’s COVID-19 cases approaches 50,000 as death toll hits 2,000 – WHO

The number of coronavirus cases across the African continent has reached 49,121, with 1,956 related deaths, the World Health Organisation, WHO, Africa said on Wednesday.

COVID-19 pandemic infecting billions of children without clean water, says UN

UN agencies warn that the Coronavirus pandemic creates risks for billions of people who cannot wash their hands properly, and for hundreds of millions of children who have to cope without school lunches as education facilities are shuttered.

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