Tuesday, October 26, 2021

TRENDING VIDEO: Bauchi governor’s “after God, next is Jonathan” remark causes stir

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The governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed, has extolled the virtues of former President Goodluck Jonathan, saying after God the next valuable being in his life is the former leader.

The governor’s remark causes social media stir, with commenters arguing that as a Muslim, he should have placed Prophet Muhammad and then his parents before any other person.

But other commenters however see nothing wrong in the governor’s remark, saying he was simply sounding hyperbolic to underline the contribution of the former president to his political career.

The governor spoke on October 11 during the inauguration of a national reconciliation committee and campaign councils for Kogi and Bayelsa governorship elections scheduled for November 16.

“The former president is not only my boss but my mentor. As far as I am concerned, after God is President Jonathan.

“I am happy the party has sown the seed of reconciliation. The key to the success of Bayelsa is reconciliation. I will never accept any exercise that will demean and put the former president on the other side.

“I am accepting this assignment because he has asked me to do it too, after the party. That means the issue of reconciliation is half done in Bayelsa.

“I have never asked him for anything and said ‘no’. And you know how he suffered in silence and in melancholy in Bayelsa. And today, I know him, he will definitely say yes. Because as a former president who brought transformation to Nigeria, and who brought me out from a different zone to be the minister of the FCT, and who has deepened the provision of leadership without sentiment.

“I don’t think he will agree, for whatever he has suffered for, to allow Bayelsa go the other way

“Mr chairman, I am taking this responsibility with the seriousness and energy that it deserves. We will go our members to strategize and to plan. Politics is not a joke.

“If the other side is planning evil, we will plan excellence. If they are planning violence, we will plan peace. If they are planning a loss, we will plan victory,” he added.

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