Ulamas to pilgrims: Fixing gold, silver tooth not part of Hajj pillars

Pilgrims queuing up to board aircraft for 2014 Hajj.
Pilgrims queuing up to board aircraft for 2014 Hajj.

By Mustapha Usman 

The National Committee of Ulama of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, has called on Nigerian pilgrims to stop paying much attention to fixing gold or silver teeth while performing the pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

At a meeting with the officials of NAHCON on pilgrims’ education and enlightenment, held in Madinah on Wednesday, the Ulama said they learnt that the pilgrims had placed high priority on fixing the tooth, noting that the act has never had a place in Islam.

Speaking during the meeting, a female cleric, Rabiatu Sufyan wandered why pilgrims, especially women spend their money and time in fixing the tooth.

According to her, there are more important aspects of Hajj that yield more reward to the pilgrims, noting that “there are more beautiful and important items for make-up that the women ought to buy.”

Mrs Sufyan noted that the women were severally became the victims of fraud and theft by some miscreants in the course of fixing the tooth.

“What baffles me is the attitude of our pilgrims, especially women of paying high premium to fixing gold or silver tooth. This practice is not in any way part of Hajj. It is highly insignificant and has no place in the religion of Islam.

“There are certain rites that are more important than wearing the tooth but our pilgrims do not pay much attention to.

“My fellow women pilgrims, I advise you to shun this practice, as it is causing you troubles. It is in the course of this practice that you ate defrauded and your things stolen,” she said

Mrs Sufyan then called on NAHCON to continue with its efforts of enlightening and educating the pilgrims of significant rites they should perform.

She also raised alarm over some nuisance caused by some expatriates in the pilgrims accommodation, calling on the commission to be extra vigilant in this regard.

In his response, the response, the NAHCON’s Head of Civic Education, Madinah office, Umar Bala said the commission is up and doing in enlightening pilgrims on what they are supposed  to do during the spiritual journey.

According to him, the Chairman of NAHCON, Abdullahi Mukhtar has given the Ulama and enlightenment teams a high regard in a bid to educate the pilgrims to perform acceptable Hajj.

Mr Bala also disclosed that the commission had even issued a circular on some problems arising at pilgrims accommodation, noting that the state officers should handle the situation as they are closer to the pilgrims.