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UNDERCOVER: How DAILY NIGERIAN reporter bagged Cotonou varsity degree in 6 weeks, participated in NYSC scheme

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The story of obtaining questionable degree certificates from universities in Benin Republic and Togo is not new. What is new, however, is how these certificates can be obtained with ease and speed.

Cotonou is not only famous for the thriving second-hand car business popularly called ‘tokunbo’; it also serves as a mecca for those in need of express degrees.

The requirements are O-level certificates – fake or genuine – and the required amount of money, which varies depending on the course, urgency and class of degree.

And in less than a month or two, one can be a ‘graduate’ from any of the mushroom universities dotted across the two West African countries.

The beneficiaries of these substandard certificates, who are either unintelligent or lazy, compete for jobs and other opportunities with hard-working graduates who undergo academic rigours for at least four years to obtain their degrees.

DAILY NIGERIAN gathered that some use the questionable certificates to get civil service jobs or aspire for elective offices, while some of their peers with hard-earned credentials languish in joblessness and hopelessness.

To get first-hand information on how these certificate racketeers operate, DAILY NIGERIAN reporter, Umar Audu, went undercover to investigate the booming business.

Obtaining a Cotonou degree

In December 2022, our reporter reached out to a racketeering syndicate that specialises in selling the infamous degree certificates from the neighboring countries to willing buyers at an ‘affordable rate’.

The agent however gave our reporter the option of “studying” for a year or month, but he opted for the month option.

“That’s not a problem; we can help. If the money is ready, we can help you out. We have done it for a lot of people. If you make the payment now, the results will be ready next month,” he assured.

Our reporter’s choice of mass communication from any “university” in Cotonou was premised on the fact he could easily scale through the screening as he had knowledge of the course.

The agent gave the reporter the breakdown of the amount to pay, which included tuition fees, an evaluation letter, a resident permit, immigration stamps at the border post and transportation.

On December 27, 2022, our reporter made the payment and was issued a payment receipt.

True to the agent’s words, the certificate and transcript of Ecole Superieure de Gestion et de Technologies, ESGT, Cotonou, Benin Republic, were delivered to his office on February 17, 2023.

The degree certificate
The degree certificate

The transcript indicated that this reporter commenced the institution in 2018 and graduated on September 5, 2022.

Unfortunately, there was a slight mistake on the transcript, so it had to be transported back to Cotonou for correction, and one month later, the corrected version was received on March 29.

Prior to that, this reporter was never issued an admission letter or knew about the school the agent was processing for him.

All the agenct said was, “don’t worry, everything will be sorted out.”

Like miracle, our reporter “finished” the four-year degree programme in less than two months without application, registration, studying, writing exams or crossing Nigerian border.

But despite having the certificate and transcript in his possession, the reporter had fears they could be fake, until he discovered a scan code placed on the left bottom of the transcript. And when the reporter scanned through, it directed him to the website of ESGT University, indicating that he is a genuine product of the institution.

On its website, ESGT, established in 2009, said, “It is an institution built upon a vision that enables individuals from a mix of different nationalities and cultures to get the best in undergraduate and postgraduate international education.”.

The institution is fully accredited by both the governments of the Benin Republic and Nigeria. It offers over 30 courses in management sciences, social sciences, applied and natural sciences as well as technology.

It was gathered that the racketeering agents in Nigeria work hand-in-hand with the top management of the university campus in Cotonou, whose registrar and English section coordinator are Nigerians.

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“The evaluation letter doesn’t come from us. It comes from the Ministry of Education. They are the ones causing the delay; they want more bribes, but we are still negotiating with them. But please be a little bit patient with us; it’s a general problem,” he said in response our reporter’s complaint over evaluation delay.

After payment of additional money through the agent, the evaluation letter was eventually released. The letter is a mandatory requirement for NYSC mobilisation.

In separate letters dated May 25 and 26, addressed to the director general of the National Youth Service Scheme, NYSC, the Federal Ministry of Education confirmed that the ESGT is on the ministry’s list of accredited institutions.

The letter, which was signed on behalf of the minister by the deputy director of Evaluation and Accreditation, Koli Salihu-Mongodiba, also cleared 51 ESGT graduates to participate in the NYSC, “having met all the requirements set by the ministry”.

“The institution is on the ministry’s list of accredited institutions in Benin, and the bachelor degrees awarded to the students as indicated on the attached list are equivalent to bachelor degrees awarded by any Nigerian university in a similar field of study,” the letter read in part.

DAILY NIGERIAN investigation reveals that agents of these mushroom universities connived with some corrupt officials at the Federal Ministry of Education to get evaluation letters for a fee ranging from N40,000 to N70,000 per “graduate”.

Double NYSC participation

When the NYSC opened its portal for 2023 Batch B registration in June, this reporter was afraid that the system would reject him outright as he had genuinely participated in the scheme in the past.

But soon after he began the screening, his fear was allayed as NYSC seemingly lacked a digital tool to flag attempts to participate in the scheme twice or more.

The only initial obstacle he had was when he input the email and phone number he used during his genuine NYSC registration, a message popped up saying, “This email and phone number have already been registered.” Our reporter then immediately switched to his alternative phone number and email.

He therefore created a new profile, uploaded all the required documents, including fingerprints.

The next stage was physical verification of documents. Usually, there are two stages of verification — physical and online evaluation.

On July 3, while registration was going on smoothly for students who obtained certificates from less questionable foreign institutions, those from Benin Republic and Togo were subjected to a more thorough screening exercise.

At that stage, NYSC officials rejected our reporter’s evidence of Cotonou residency, but after months of back-and-forth, he was eventually linked with an immigration official who facilitated the stamping of his passport to show evidence of multiple entry and exit from Seme Border between 2018 and 2022.

A page in the reporter's passport, showing exit and entry stamps both Nigerian and Beninois immigrations.
A page in the reporter’s passport, showing exit and entry stamps both Nigerian and Beninois immigrations.

Although our reporter never crossed any Nigerian borders, the officer was able to get his passport stamped by both Nigerian and Beninois immigration agents.

After the tedious process, DAILY NIGERIAN reporter was eventually cleared for both physical and online evaluations, and on November 22, posted to Cross River for one year service.

My experience at Obubra

I arrived at the orientation camp in Obubra, a predominantly rice farming community, at exactly 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, 26, 2023, for the 21-day orientation course.

On the posting letter every prospective Corp member was expected to arrive the camp  from Friday November 24 to Sunday November 26, 2023.

I scheduled my journey for Saturday, and there was no direct flight going to Calabar on that day.

So I had to fly to Enugu, from where I traveled by road for 250 kilometres before arriving at Obubra.

As expected, we were subjected to security checks at the gate by operatives consisting of Nigeria Police, Nigeria Military, and Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps.

After successful screening at the gate, we were asked to take a certain direction where we saw some NYSC officials who asked us to write down our names, and immediately gave us room allocation.


The registration spot for foreign graduates is different from that of home-trained graduates.

The female official I met requested I bring out all the documents I used in applying for NYSC, which I obliged. I was subjected to another round of written and oral interviews. I answered all the questions diligently, and I was cleared and given a tag.

The tags contain my state code and the platoon number.

I moved to Platoon 9, where I was deployed. My credentials were documented and I was given a complete NYSC kit.

FULLY KITTED: Umar Audu at Obubra NYSC Orientation Camp, Cross River State
FULLY KITTED: Umar Audu at Obubra NYSC Orientation Camp, Cross River State

While accepting the kits with mixed reactions, I reminisced about the experience I went through at NYSC orientation camp in Ede in 2018.

It was a similar process, except that in 2018 I spent four years to study in a Nigerian university before being allowed to participate in the scheme.

I hurriedly dashed to the hostel to change my mufti and put on the approved dress.

Due to the regimented nature of the camp activities, the camp director and state coordinator, at every opportunity, would appeal to corps members with underlying illnesses to apply for exit if they couldn’t cope with the stress.

I took the advantage of that offer and applied for exit after spending eight days in Obubra Camp.

Having received a payment of N39,400 as bicycle and November allowances, I later refunded the money to the federal government account through Remita.

Where the problem lies

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In April 2018, the federal government, in a bid to tackle the menace of the proliferation of substandard degrees, announced the blacklisting of some questionable institutions in Benin, Cameron, Ghana, and Togo.

Adamu Adamu, the then minister of education, set up a 16-member committee to screen 40,000 Nigerians with degrees obtained from foreign tertiary institutions.

But despite the measures, the business seems to be thriving – no thanks to corrupt officials in the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigerian Immigration Services, and other government agencies who collect bribes to lower the bar.

A source familiar with the working of the syndicate blamed the Department of Education Support Services at the Federal Ministry of Education for the high rate of the “importation” of shady degrees into the country.

The source said the department, headed by Giginna Lydia Ifeyinwa, had granted accreditation to institutions that have failed to meet the required standard.

He noted that almost all the universities attended by Nigerians in Benin and Togo lack the necessary approval to offer courses in English language, and they operate in contravention of UNESCO declaration of language instruction.

“None of these mushroom universities have the accreditation to offer courses in English language.

“The former minister of education Adamu Adamu once dispatched some officials of the ministry to Cotonou, and Togo on a fact-finding mission.

“The team, which was led by a former director of Education Support Services, Justina Ibe, discovered that there was no university in Cotonou that had the approval to offer courses in English Language.

“They also discovered that most of the institutions offered health related courses despite not having laboratories and other facilities to offer such courses.

“So the evaluation unit stopped evaluating certificates of pharmacy, medical lab sciences nursing and others until a team of NYSC, ministry and the relevant professional bodies visited the country and ascertain the standard of the university.

“Presently, the ministry has evaluated certificates of pharmacy and medical lab awarded by Bilingual University Togo, contrary to ministerial directives.

“Another challenge is that some of the experts in the evaluation and accreditation division who understand the job have been transferred out of the unit. Most of the officials in that division now are grossly inexperienced.

“Is it surprising that there are no Arabic or French language experts in that unit, and these are people who easily evaluate French and Arabic certificates,” said the source.

Federal Ministry of education, NYSC, NIS, ESGT react

When contacted for response, the director of Press and Public Relations of the Ministry of Education, Bem Goong, requested our correspondent show him all the documents used in the investigation before he could respond.

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And when the correspondent politely declined, he dared him to go ahead and publish the report.

He said: “But if you are saying someone committed that kind of academic fraud and is known to the Ministry of Education, I will require evidence to dig deeper. And if you can’t provide those documents, you can please go ahead and publish your report.”

On his part, the NYSC director of Press and Public Affairs, Eddy Megwa, said the scheme is aware of the activities of some Nigerians to cut corners in their bid to participate in the youth service.

Mr Megwa boasted that it would be almost impossible for any person to beat the NYSC integrated ICT system.

He said, “What you said is part of what NYSC is contending with. Ordinarily, we shouldn’t have any reason to scrutinize any graduate from a tertiary institution outside the country, especially when one is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education.

“But overtime, we discovered that some so-called graduates cannot even express themselves; they cannot even write a simple sentence. That raised the curiosity of the NYSC.

“If you say you are a foreign-trained graduate, NYSC will now subject you to a little test, to know if you are actually a graduate. Since the inception of NYSC, we have not done this.

“But when we discovered the problem, NYSC sat up and began to ensure thorough scrutiny in our screening.

“After training in camp, you will send them to go and teach in a secondary school, and the person can’t say a single sentence. They begin to speak in broken English. That defames the image of the Nigerian nation, not NYSC, because we don’t train them. We receive graduates from institutions.

“And in every human endeavour, you can only do your best; attaining that point of perfection is another thing. But it would be very difficult for anybody to beat the procedure we have put in place,” he said.

Unbeknownst to Mr Megwa that our reporter had previously served, he said it’s almost impossible for anybody to participate in the NYSC twice.

“We have an integrated ICT system. Once you are captured in our database and you come back to register again, our system will indicate that this person has served before. Except if the person will change his thumb, which is practically impossible,” he said.

According to the NYSC spokesman, even in Nigeria, some institutions are involved in degree racketeering.

“Even some universities and polytechnics in Nigeria engage in such activities. You will see bread and groundnut sellers giving money to student affairs officers, and they will enroll their names as if they have gone through the system. And of course, they will push them down to NYSC. Some institutions were found culpable, and the people involved were punished severely. All these things have now gone down,” he added.

But the spokesperson for the Seme Border Command of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Enoch Aparshe, denied knowledge that some officers at the command were granting entry and exit clearance without physically assessing the passport holders.

“I’m not aware that our officials engage in such nefarious acts, and all I know is that it is the Ministry of Education that validates their certificates.

“At the Seme border here, we don’t backdate stamps. International passports are digitised, and the stamps are issued in such a way that you cannot backdate them.

“And for the ECOWAS passport, which is manual, it is very unlikely, and I am not sure any immigration personnel will want to engage in such risk, at the detriment of their job,” he added.

ESGT — the foreign university that awarded our reporter a degree — did not respond to DAILY NIGERIAN email on the matter.

This report was supported by Wole Soyinka Center for Investigative Journalism, WSCIJ, in collaboration with MacArthur Foundation

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  1. This is quite revealing, it revealed the corruption in our education system, the weaknesses of the NYSC in erradicaing illegal Candidates. The question is how on earth do we get to this mess. Both NUC and federal ministry of education are both culprit in these whole scam called graduate.


      • How can we know their system has good database memory and also their standard for the capturing knowing fully well that different hands/fingers can be used

      • What a shame on you!!!
        Instead of you to commend his painstaking effort at the peril of his life to exposed rots in Nigeria education system and the so called foreign institution where questionable certificates are being obtained, you ranting BALDERDASH!

        • I am glad that this report is someone I know, a brother from the hood, a primary school class mate and one of our football player. On behalf of the people of Tunga Lowcost, we are proud of this great job you have put together. I hope one day you will report for the world. Congratulations Umar Audu. We are proud of you.

      • Please do not forget that he is a journalist and making an INVESTIGATION. on this note he’s right. He put a challenge to ministry of EDUCATION and the NYSC to put thier things in order

      • Pls read through the entire piece, he said, he had to use an alternative phone number and then create a new email hence the declined from the nysc portal

        • But bro, even at that, what about your finger prints? That should also deny him entry too, because you and I definitely know two people can’t have the same finger print on earth. Still shows the system is very porous.

        • The question is not about the phone number and the email. The recovery database should not be limited to only phone numbers and emails; his name and thumb were not queried by the portal which shows that there is no database for thumbs and possibly names too.

      • Did you read this piece through? This is an unbiased , intelligent and society changing reporting.
        What is done in sane climes is to carry out an genuine non sentimental reforms of all at fault institutions (sanction all erring individuals )and granting this reporter a national medal for CONTRIBUTING TO A BETTER NIGERIA full stop!

        • Ahswear. He just did what is expected of many to help checkmate backentry, but rather than learning from their fragmented errors, they are still claiming superior application, Is mind boggling on how we dont want to learn from mistakes

      • Probably the scheme doesn’t have that database to store such information for a long period of time. Maybe after a year or two they will erase it so other files can be logged in. It just shows how porous our country is. That is why many people get away with many things.

      • The question still is, Does the fingerprinted information not store. How on God green planet does information on Fingerprinted systems not save.

  2. This is a prevailing practice in Nigeria, once they drop you out from a home based University, all you have to do is to look for an agent that will front the processes for you, within few months you’ll automatically become a graduate by by-passing the underlined due processes. I’ve seen a lots of Cotonou graduates parading the streets astonishingly without any contrition. In my opinion both NUC And FME are jointly culpable in this act.

  3. Wow wow!!! What a menace!!!!! All sectors in this country is sick and need proper proliferation. One will suffer and go to school yet he/she still becomes jobless. One some block heads will get the opportunity freely.

    • This is the evil bedeviling Africa, especially Nigeria. Most of these graduates from Benin Republic are often totally below par. I served with a lady who claimed to graduate from a University in Benin Republic. She claimed she studied microbiology as written on her statement of result and wad asked to teach biology as an adjunct teacher in the school where we both served. This lady could not teach even SS1 Biology!

      I blamed it on the fact not everyone had teaching acumen until a discussion arose in the staffroom and I mentioned the word ‘foetus’ and she argued that the term is a kidney disease. I took it as an outrageous joke until she pressed further and even dared me to browse the internet to confirm.

      It was then that I knew something was fishy about the certificate given by these universities.

      I wish these miscreants could be fished out because they keep jostling for the not-so-enough jobs on ground with the real graduates, thereby saturating the labour market.

      Good job by the journalist for revealing all these.

      • Interesting but mind you, before you complain about the corruption at the upper level, what have you done at the bottom level ?

        How many secondary schools finished job for their students to pass a ssce? That’s even far, have you been to our tertiary institutions where the ladies turned to porn star to graduate or the young men pay to graduate.

        Not to mention Lecturers that failed to guide you through in the process of writing projects, or the one that will tell you, you will not graduate ? Let’s make the home a better learning citadel, someone said and I quote, “if you want to destroy a country, destroy their education system”

        It’s so sad a lecturer who is supposed to guide us are the one that corrupt us, what names won’t you hear, Should a lecturer who is building the nation be a sadist.

        If I keep writing the page will be filled and I will not stop still.

        Please if the Nation failed to contain their kids to study here at home , then they should leave people that are getting it anyhow.

        After all , the mindset is “get a certificate” not get an education.

      • Yes! Therapy are but also revisit our dear uni and polytechnic graduate mostly in the norths. One was posted to Lekki two weeks ago. She Could not spell correctly. Prankster are revealing more of them

        • Chidima pls be objective in your contribution. Mentioning the North is an indictment. Afteral we do know that the secondry schools waec examination special centers syndrome originated from the ibos. It is this syndrome that has matured to higher institutions. If you don’t have any meaningful contribution to a discussion I advice you should shut up.

    • Lack of thorough supervision and compromise everywhere. Nigeria is finished as no country can grow above the quality it’s education.

  4. Nigerians holding degree certificates whether in Nigeria or abroad from year 1990 to date need to be screened whether you are a president, senator, local government chairmen or even academics in Nigeria. Who then will do this without collecting bribe to cut corners, only people like Ndume and Kazaure can do it neatly, else, go for international auditors. Nigeria is in rots.

    • How did you arrive at 1990. The controversy surrounding Salisbury Buhari and President Tinubu Certificate started in 1999. I am sure those certificates tendered by this individuals were purpotedly issued way before 1990. So, if there is going to any meaningful house cleaning it has to go way back before 1990.

  5. While the report is appreciated, it is counterproductive to assume that all the schools are operating under par. We are just lazy in Nigeria and we don’t like doing proper investigation. I’m aware the ministry of education in Benin Republic have backed down on anglophone studies because of accreditation. Togo on the other hand is now a member of the common wealth of nations hence bilingual like Canada. There are corrupt officials everywhere. Recently a report came out in the media that corrupt a official in LASU was also flagged for issuing original certificate to political officers. Let due diligence be done in proper verification so that one report does not invalidate the genuine efforts of those that have determined to do things right even though they are in a corrupt system. This vetting applies to schools across the board whether Europe, America etc.

    • Applauds to the investigator, more heights.

      More life NYSC, you just need to step it up more; bravo.

      Immigration Border Service not intune with the vibes of the current Interior Minister, shake up necessary.

      Ministry of Education can sure do better with these bad eggs, consequent management canvassed.

      God bless Nigeria- Amin.

  6. This is very pathetic and unfortunate. I am certain all the institutions concerned will do the needful for the betterment of our educational system and the integrity of our dear nation. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  7. All the statement made by those spokesmen is the normal language of denial without investigation. The one that had confidence in the system is a fool and knows nothing about the system. They just have default belief that it is impossible.

  8. This highly corruptible, the government and education sector should do the needful in other to minimize this menace. Haba corruption in the high rank God will exposed the devils in human form

  9. Great investigative journalism.
    Share this information formally with Federal Ministry of Education, Nysc, immigration and the Police.

  10. No doubt… Nigeria is very corrupt. Myself I can’t imagine how Nigerian government allow people with such certificates to be enrolled in MDAs. The earlier this issue is tackled the better.

    I mean how can someone who spent about 4 or 5 years studying be treated with someone who acquires his/her in less than two months for God’s sake.

  11. This is very destructive to education and national development. Cutting corner at the expense of hard working students has negative implications to the individual, the society, the nation and the world. Corruption and indiscipline are the root causes. It must be condemned and stopped forthwith.

    • Fantastically corrupt West Africa! Like the Republic of Benin, like Nigeria . Most private universities in the Neighboring countries were established by Nigerians in collaboration with some citizens of those countries. Nigerians are very fast. We have infected our neighbors with our make-it-quick mentality. Look at it, our Ministry of Education was involved, our immigration, NYSC was involved and others. Republic of Benin is benefitting from our obsession for paper qualification. Who will save Nigeria? We need to change our orientation. The next time I see someone parading a degree certificate from Togo, R.Benin, Ghana, Cameroon etc, I will tell him to shift.

  12. Huh! This is revealing… A sad reality indeed. We have been authoring our misfortunes as a nation. I sincerely salute this researcher, you honestly deserves award. Kudus!

  13. The schools serve political office holders who are in high offices without qualifications. What do you expect? Scrutinize it in the highest courts before you tag the certificate fake.

  14. And unfortunately these graduates get good job in many ministries in Nigeria, and leaving the genuine graduates as jobless.. emerging seeing MBBS graduates with out job, some doesn’t have even a small capital to open chemist..
    May Allah see us through.

  15. And unfortunately these graduates get good job in many ministries in Nigeria, and leaving the genuine graduates as jobless.. emerging seeing MBBS graduates with out job, some doesn’t have even a small capital to open chemist..
    May Allah see us through…

  16. Subhannallah, this is very sad indeed.Kudos to this investigative reporting, May Allah bless Daily Nigerian, Audu and Oga Jaafar Jaafar the chief Editor.

    Our only voice of the North and the Nigeria at large.❤️

  17. Oga reporter plss mind your business. The fact that some universities are doing that doesn’t make all cotonou universities bad. I’m planning to do my m.sc at contonou no come spoil show for us abeg. Do your investigation at home first, alot is going on.

  18. I looked at these comments and the first thing I saw was that we are all blaming our country. Have any of you guys even though of these countries that are giving all these fake certificates. If their own boards can be that porous. Why are we laying the blame on Nigeria only. Look at the border, with over 52 mini checkpoints between Badagry and Send Border, things are still being smuggled. It’s a two way thing. Let’s not lay the blame on Nigeria alone.

  19. From the head to the bottom,Africa is corrupt,true and true.
    No be certificate palava we DEH battle with your do called No 1 citizen.

  20. Well, I don’t think we can’t stop corruption of this nature as far as heavy sanctions not place on defaulted parties and am sure all parties involved will step up in their game.

    Nigeria in particular needs to step up on our data base system, our data base at all level is generally poor, one reason we continue having insecurity issues in Nigeria.

    Above all, our continuous requesting for certificate instead of competence in human will never earn us good, that is one of pivotal facts for people struggling to obtain certificate by all means and consequences of it is the results if this investigation, we need to put a stop to this otherwise, a case like this will never stop. In fact, am afriad, à time is coming in Nigeria where university certificate will be required to sell bread on the street, we need to stop this.

    To our investigator, you have done a great job and I salute your efforts to this conclusion. Weldone.

  21. You are part of the problem. Where in d post did they say all d universities.pls just go an do ur m.sc in peace if u are really gonna go do it… Mtcheeew

  22. Reporter, You have done, but the country you in, people who great things in this country never go far expecially this type you have done. Watch your back because if they come for even the Government will not protect instead you will be nicknamed “I too Sabi”.

  23. Abass Idris December 31, 2023 At 8:15 am
    Interesting but mind you, before you complain about the corruption at the upper level, what have you done at the bottom level ?

    How many secondary schools finished job for their students to pass a ssce? That’s even far, have you been to our tertiary institutions where the ladies turned to porn star to graduate or the young men pay to graduate.

    Not to mention Lecturers that failed to guide you through in the process of writing projects, or the one that will tell you, you will not graduate ? Let’s make the home a better learning citadel, someone said and I quote, “if you want to destroy a country, destroy their education system”

    It’s so sad a lecturer who is supposed to guide us are the one that corrupt us, what names won’t you hear, Should a lecturer who is building the nation be a sadist.

    If I keep writing the page will be filled and I will not stop still.

    Please if the Nation failed to contain their kids to study here at home , then they should leave people that are getting it anyhow.

    After all , the mindset is “get a certificate” not get an education.

  24. Kudos for the excellent undercover investigation but it is worthless if they won’t turn over the evidences to all relevant authorities for necessary actions against indicted offenders.

  25. Daily Nigerian are just mischievous. There are so many ethical incorrect in their so called “investigative journalism”! How on earth do you keep mentioning people’s personal names while they are acting on behalf of MDAs! They can take the paper to court for so many reasons. It’s unethical in public service to isolate individuals and allege misdoings of a system to them.

  26. I commend this reporter for taking pains to unravel the scam in the educational sector. Its a great effort. This further shows how decayed our system has become. I hope relevant agencies of government Will take action to clean up this mess. Kudos to the reporter.

  27. I am not surprised since both the former and present president of Nigeria and good at result manipulation or certificate forgery

      • We won’t be doing well on this if we take this route! Why should we Stoke embers on a tribe when the very question of malpractice is all over the country? With even our parents parts of the evil system. The objective investigation done by the Umar is well applauded and we should see how we can minimised this monster killing our education by all

  28. What a wonderful and excellent investigation journalism, bravo bro! It shows the decay and the rots in our Educational system. Minister of Education, dynamic and able minister of interior the balls are in your courts. Please safe our country from this shame.

  29. Good journalism. That’s the way to go. Journalist need money for investigative journalism like this. Cudos to the journalist that did this job. You deserve award.

  30. A very appluadable investigation, but another thing is this, it only happened and the reporter has been able to verified and assert his report. But let’s not leave this stone on turn, if need be for this reporter to use this certificate we might not hear anything again ooo…

  31. Haha Mehn!!! I have been to that Benin Republic to see the University, it’s nothing to write home about.

    It’s like two 4 storey buildings, one is the classrooms for all the faculties haha, the other is admin building and accommodation

    I should even have pictures if I search my archive. In one or two months you’ll finish 4 year course. You’ll even sit with the University VC and discuss the class of grade you want, all is just money.

    Govt should just cancel anything Benin Republic school

  32. It was so disheartening, to heard that. I’m out of word about this report, but I as Nigerian, I don’t blame that mushroom Cotonou Universities. But where the question rise is I little bit knowledge I had, I know that foreign students are offer before they certificate be valid in Nigeria, and after passing the examination, foreign students has privileged to go for NYSC I blame the Federal Ministry of Education for that nonsense, Immigration officer who back date the stamp are backbone of that unscrupulous and lastly NYSC contribute partially in that unlawful act.

  33. You deserve an award. You risk your life to investigate, you are a real journalist you truly practice journalism you took your time to investigate without any sign or anyone notice about your plans. good job

  34. This journalist should be punished by law…let’s forget you’re a investigating journalist but you did very bad and in the case of participating twice you went far.. in sort everything you went to doesn’t have meaning… We all know there’s corruption and power everywhere but you are spilling rubbish talks and you even posed with your pictures not fearing your life with full name…. Journalist and no brains sometimes…. That’s why at times things go wrong while you’re doing exposure because you want to sell news. At least make Una dey use una senses

    • I beg to totally disagree with you sir. This guy and his employers has done a great job in proving that these anomalies actually exist and it is thriving. The journalist dídn’t do bad in participating twice in NYSC or any other acts.
      Those officials are still denying the possibility of what has happened despite his proof. Imagine how much denial of its possibility if he doesn’t have those cogent evident in his kitty?

  35. This is deep. That’s the problem with condoning corruption. It’s a cancer that spreads and destroys. Very unfortunate times for my country and continent. I hope this Revelation isn’t swept under the carpet

  36. I commend the investigators for a job well done.
    Round the world today we have good and bad eggs in every organization, I can also tell you that there still schools in Cotonou that are doing well in terms of training their students academically.

    I would like to refer you to a school I graduated from in Cotonou and I promise you that your certificate won’t be valid even if you passed through such back doors to get it , I dropped out of osun state university ikire campus in 2011 in my year two due to financial difficulties, then I started at Ecole superieure de management Benin university (ESM)2019 freshly in the same course international relations and diplomacy.
    I am now serving at ijebu ode .

    Even in Nigeria university today if you want to buy certificate you may still have your way just that it may be expensive than that of Benin republic.

    Please do well to acknowledge those of us who went through that hardship in that country Benin republic due to naira devaluation .
    I earned my degree
    They gave you what you wanted.

    • You are RIGHT Utah valentine. The system has been corrupt long ago. Our dear country is still facing corruption in O’level WAEC and NECO results. Some Nigerians are just desperate to make millions from fraudulent ideology via academic or business

  37. This report is quite interesting and more revealing of the decay in some institutions/organizations in Nigeria and neighbouring countries. Something drastic should be done to stem this rot from continuing. I now understand why some prospective corps members go through stress at the point of registration in camp. I do encounter so many of them because I do photocopy business at Obubra Camp, and would often get angry when they are told to write sentences repeatedly.

  38. As wild as this may sound… it is totally true. This is because I know a handful of people who did the same thing and a currently employed holding enviable positions in Nigeria and the diaspora… God help us!!!

    • Welldone Mr Reporter for this diligent undercover Investigation. I pray God will protect you from the perpetrators of this terrible act.
      The Ministry of Education, NYSC, NUC, Immigration and other relevant stakeholders have messed up our Education system. This must have been thriving for many years unabated. What happens to those who have towed this route by obtaining fake certificates and secured Civil service jobs in various agencies in Nigeria? Imagine the rot they would caused in their jobs. I weep for Nigeria. How can a sane person aid and abate this crime all for money.

  39. I commend this reporter. I humbly appeal to the Federal government of Nigeria to second this young man to the intelligence section of any of our security outfit. Imagine the lives he would be saving if he diffuses into bandit or terrorist camp, and report back to his superiors on their activities and plans. He has shown he has the capacity not minding the risk involved. I feel he is presently being underutilized.

  40. This is commendable. Thanks to the journalist and Daily Nigerian News for a wonderful investigation. This is quite revealing and disheartening at the same time. Thanks to Professor Wole Soyinka for his initiative to expose rots in our society. We need more of this.

  41. Kudos to the journalist that did this heart braken investigation and the rest is to the Federal Government and its agency saddle with fight against corrupt practice to get to the root of the case.

  42. This guy is a hero and must be encoiraged, more of his kind should be trained and deployed to expose the endemic corruption in our country.

  43. I see this NYSC of a thing as a waste of time though, y can’t the government just give the fresh graduates all those money they are wasting on camp and unnecessary things in the name of serving their fathers land

  44. Thanks to the investigative journalist. The same problem is common among Nigerian tertiary institutions. The huge incompetencies in the civil service and the private corporate system is a clear pointer.

    The use of the word “mushroom universities” was not proper. In past years, dozens of Nigerian universities, poly, and coe (including state, federal and private) had many of their programs or entire department shot down. Some programs were accredited for undergraduate degrees only, but they violated the rules by issuing masters and doctoral degrees. It’s that bad.

    Remember the trending story of a popular Nigerian prophet who mistakingly said on pulpit that he purchased his degree with money. Like the case of Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education, those universities in Benin, Togo, and Ghana were validly accredited but there were no adequate inspection to enforce compliance. The Nigerian educational system is worse.


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