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Vietnam becoming destination for hair importation

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You are a hair wholesaler, a hair retailer, or a hair reseller! You are searching for high-quality human hair for your business? You are seeking your true vendors? You fear of being scammed? Then this article is definitely for you! In this article, hair experts (from Gruda Hair) is willing to share all about Vietnamese hair and how to import hair from Vietnam from reliable and trustworthy factories!

1, Why Vietnamese Hair

A Traits

  • Vietnamese hair is popular in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, due to its natural black color and smooth appearance. Despite rumors about having disappointing quality, this country’s Remy hair products far exceed quality test criteria.
  • The texture is thick and strong, yet not coarse or scratchy in the least.
  • Thanks to the lack of chemical treatment, Vietnamese hair is strong and durable. Hair can last up to 1-2 years with daily uses, while virgin hair can last from 3 to 5 years. Chinese hair is no competitor to Vietnamese hair in terms of quality. The chemical treatment procedure has given Chinese hair a reputation for its terrible quality.

B, Comparisons

Factory Advantages Disadvantages Price
Vietnam – Good quality hair
-Reasonable price

-Single-donor source of hair

-Hair is not available in the stock (factories make hair from scratch once orders are placed) From 8.6 USD/bundle
China -Mass-produced hair

-Various styles and colorways

– Low-quality hair

– Reported cases of unethical behavior

From 8.0 USD/bundle
India -Cheapest hair -Low-quality hair

-Lacks style

From 7.0 USD/bundle
European -Very good quality hair – Expensive

– Hyped up price


From 11 USD/bundle


Vietnamese vs European hair

A bundle of Caucasian hair’s lifespan might be longer but it also comes at a hefty price tag, which might not be affordable for many customers. For example, a bundle of Vietnamese Remy hair starts from 8.6 US$ a bundle while European hair’s cheapest bundle is around 11 US$. European hair’s ridiculously high price stems from the lack of hair donors, not just the quality alone.

Vietnamese vs Chinese & Indian hair

India, thanks to having a generous supply of hair from religious practice, has a low price advantage. However, due to a lack of investments, Indian hair’s weaknesses are styles and quality.

Chinese manufacturers, to have products at such prices, have been using tricks to cut down on production costs. This results in cases where Chinese HUMAN hair extensions are mixed with synthetic fibers while being sold at a normal price.

C, Cost

(Unit: USD/KG)
inch Cm Single Double Super Double
8 20 93 127 149
10 25 120 158 204
12 30 166 188 249
14 35 201 266 313
16 40 266 308 399
18 45 308 372 464
20 50 372 437 527
22 55 437 501 582
24 60 501 553 674
26 65 544 641 762
28 70 587 664 822
30 75 630 700 887
Bone straight: Plus 40 USD/KG Black, Dark Color:

Plus 50 USD/KG

Curly, Wavy: Plus 30 USD/KG Ombre, Piano, Light color:

Plus 80 USD/KG

Pixie: Plus 50 USD/KG

Price list from Gruda Hair

2, How to import hair from Vietnam

#1 Look for potential Vietnamese hair extension manufacturers

You can search for hair distributors online on Google or social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Start with keywords like “Hair Extensions Factory Vietnam”, etc.

Another option is to go on e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, etc.

#2 Evaluate and select Vietnamese hair vendors

Suggested criteria for evaluation are online presence, informative blogs, warranty policy, and after-sales service.

#3: Ask for details about the hair

Information like origins, quality, and length of hair are must-haves.

Arrange video calls if possible to check up on the hair vendor.

#4: Order product sample 

This is the last and most important step in determining product quality, warranty policy, and estimated delivery time.

3, Signs of fraud

Poor online presence

Having no or little online presence is usually a red flag, especially with foreign suppliers, with whom you can’t meet up.

No Brand Name & Registered Company Document

Besides websites and social media, brand names and company documents are also of importance in clarifying a hair factory. This helps define whether trading activities with the company are legal or not

Not Willing To Make Video Call

Another signal of scammers is the refusal to video call. If you are experienced in the hair business, you will know that a real hair factory is always willing to receive your call to show you their business with pride!

Always Rush You To Pay Money

The thing scammers care about is money so they always rush customers to pay money as soon as possible. Be alert if you see this sign from your hair vendor.

4, List

Gruda Hair

Gruda Hair, based in Hanoi, Vietnam specializes in hair products made of 100% human hair, including Hair Bundles, Closures, Ladies’ Wigs, and other hairdressing products. With 10 years of experience in the hair market, they are well-versed in the various demands of clients in each country.

Thanks to offering high quality products at reasonable price, Gruda Hair rose to be one of the top hair vendor in African countries, especially Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana. Customers rarely find themselves dissatisfied with the brand.

  • Main product: Hair Bundles, Closures, Ladies’ Wigs (Remy Hair)
  •  UPS, FedEx, DHL, or Intermediary agency
  •  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfers, or through local agents.
  •  WhatsApp: (+84) 902 106 091
  •  grudahair@gmail.com
  •  IG: rosa_grudahair

5, Conclusion

Hair from each mentioned country has its advantages, thus having its loyal customers. However, whenever a customer switches to Vietnamese hair, he/she tends to fall in love with it and become an advocate. Mostly It’s because of Vietnamese hair’s fine quality at such a reasonable price. If you’re down to grabbing new opportunities, we hope this guide on how to import hair from Vietnam comes in handy.

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