Monday, March 8, 2021

Vietnamese enforces heavy fines for COVID-19 offenders


tiamin rice

People who violate the COVID-19 prevention and combat regulations will face heavy fines or even a criminal trial in the Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi, Vietnam News Agency reported Monday.

Those who threw used masks on streets and sidewalks can face a maximum fine of seven million Vietnamese dongs (about $304) while people who fail to wear masks in public spaces may face a maximum fine of 300,000 Vietnamese dongs, the news agency cited a document by Hanoi’s Justice Department on fines and penalties for COVID-19 offenders as reporting.

Meanwhile, those who escape from quarantine sites, violate quarantine protocols, reject or evade compulsory quarantine could face an administrative fine of 10 million Vietnamese dongs and would be criminally tried if their action causes infection of others, according to the official document.

Eateries or food stalls that fail to follow the order to close down in virus-hit areas will be subjected to a maximum fine of 20 million Vietnamese dongs.

Vietnam has implemented a 15-day social distancing against the COVID-19 epidemic starting from April 1.

The country has reported 241 cases of coronavirus infection with 91 patients cured as of Monday morning, according to its Ministry of Health.


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