Vincent Kompany’s father becomes Belgium’s first black mayo

Father and son, Kompany

Pierre Kompany, the father of international football star, Vincent Kompany, has become the first back mayor in Belgium.

71-year-old Kompany came out on top with his local party, ProGanshoren, one of the 19 municipalities in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, according to The Sun.

His party got nine seats in the municipal council, with Pierre Kompany receiving 1,327 votes.

Vincent Kompany is both the captain of English Premier League club, Manchester City and a constant fixture on the Belgium national team.

Vincent’s brother, Francois, plays for Belgian side KSV Roeselare.

His famous footballer sons took to their Instagram page to congratulate their father on his political appointment.

Both brothers in a video excitedly gushed about their dad saying it’s historic because it’s never happened before. “History! We are so proud of you dad.

He’s the first black mayor in Belgium – it’s never happened before, it’s historic…. congratulations to my dad! It was long overdue but it’s progress. Massive congrats,” Vincent added.

Kompany arrived in Belgium in 1975 as a refugee from what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. He became active in politics in 2006 as a councillor and took a seat in the Brussels regional parliament in 2014.