Wednesday, January 19, 2022

WHO sends life-saving items to key hospital in Afghanistan

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The World Health Organisation, WHO, has sent an amount of life-saving equipment to a key hospital in Kandahar city, capital of southern Afghan province of Kandahar, the organisation said Thursday.

“Mirwais Regional Hospital in war-affected Kandahar Province has received 13 types of life-saving equipment to treat patients of mass casualty events in the region,’’ the organisation wrote on Twitter.

According to the WHO, the hospital serves a population of more than 6 million in the region, and receives between 10 to 15 patients requiring trauma care every day.

“WHO stands with the people of Afghanistan. Currently the world’s largest humanitarian emergency, Afghanistan is contending not only with COVID-19 but also acute watery diarrhoea, dengue, measles, polio & malaria.’’ it said.

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The WHO is on the ground, responding to the health emergency unfolding in the Asian country, the organisation said.


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