With Kannyflix, people can now watch Hausa movies online for free – Liman

Bashir Liman
Bashir Liman

Hausa Movies Industry popularly known as Kannywood has added a new feather into its nest as Kannyflix, an online TV channel, came on board for fans to watch Hausa movies, interviews, including gossips from anywhere in the world.

Recall that in 1997, Nexflix, an American company, started its online TV channel for American movie fans to watch at their comfort zones from anywhere across the globe.

However, Kannywood fans across the globe were somewhat left unattended to until recently when Kannyflix was midwived.

The Marketing Director for Kannyflix movies, Bashir Liman, told DAILY NIGERIAN that the page is specially created for Hausa films viewers across the globe.

According to him, those living outside Nigeria are especially the target so that they don’t miss out on the goings on in the industry.

“It is clear that other industries have since gone far with the latest innovations and technology by providing media through which people can gain access to movies whenever they want like Hollywood’s Netflix.”

“India’s https://www.fandor.com has always been there too. So, this made us think that there has to be a lot out there for people craving for Hausa movies. That is why we decided to create kannyflix,” he stated.

Speaking on how they get the movies, Mr Liman said they buy the movies from producers before posting them on Kannyflix, both series and full movies.

On how to access the channel, he said: “The web address, www.kannyflix.com, could be used on any device that can access the internet or by simply downloading the app, and subscribing to the channel.

He added that after registering, the subscriber would continue watching the films for free, adding that, to make things easier, subscribers could simply download the app on their phones.

“Although it has not been long we started, the number of subscribers is increasing by the day showing that the page has been widely accepted.

“People are trooping into the channel day by day and from all over the world watch movies of their choices. So, with Kannyflix, Hausa movies are just a click away,” he noted.

“Our mission is to become large with over a hundred million followers and also have the financial capacity to buy every new movie from producers,” Mr Liman added.

He, therefore, urged people to follow and subscribe to the page and see it as a medium for promoting Hausa culture in the eye of the world.

Speaking with DAILY NIGERIAN, a Kannywood Movie Director, Kamal S. Alqali, also said the channel came at a time when it is highly needed to promote Hausa movies.

“This is a very good improvement for Kannywood because there has been a lot of piracy lately, but now that Kannyflix buys movies from producers, there will be a reduction in the losses we incur.

“If this continues, it would be in our favour because it means having another way of selling our movies, so Kannyflix’s growth is ours also,” he said.

The director, therefore, urged fans to follow and subscribe to Kannyflix in other to be abreast of Kannywood happenings.

Ibrahim Ramalan, an entertainment reporter for Blueprint Newspaper expressed his delight in the industry’s achievement saying it is a sign of progress.

He said “I have subscribed to the channel and to my amazement, it is really fantastic despite being new.

“What amazes me more is the fact that it’s free.

“Hollywood and Bollywood have these kinds of channels for quite some time now, so it is really a big advancement for Kannywood.

“I have been looking for a film titled ‘Sa-in-sa’ for a long time, and with all comfort and ease, I found it on Kannyflix and was very impressed.”

Mr Ramalan advised the company to put more effort into posting newer movies and ensure that it stays stable and reliable at all times.

A subscriber, one Zaharaddeen Muhammad, said there’s nothing better than staying at home to watch any movie you want without any stress.

“I first knew Kannyflix on Facebook advert and that was how I indulged and started watching at the comfort of my room,” he revealed.

Another subscriber, Aisha Muhammad Kabir, said the channel can be easily accessed and the movies don’t draw away much of one’s data.