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Your father was slave “bought at two shillings”, APC chieftain told in leaked letter to Tambuwal


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By Adnan Tudunwada
A top traditional title holder in Sokoto, the Magajin Gari Hassan Danbaba, has cautioned Governor Aminu Tambuwal against campaigning and canvassing support for Inuwa Abdulkadir, the APC Zonal Vice Chairman, North West to be appointed as Marafan Sokoto.

Magajin Garin Sokoto Hassan Danbaba

In a leaked letter, dated August 19, 2016, Mr. Danbaba said the party leader lacked the character to hold such important title previously held by late Ahmadu Danbaba (the author’s father) and late Umaru Shinkafi.

He also said Mr. Abdulkadir’s parents were slaves, and therefore lacked the family background to hold the title.
In the 7-page letter, Mr. Danbaba said the governor’s choice was misguided, saying the legacies left by persons who held the title should not be left in vain.
The letter reads in part: “Your choice of Inuwa Abdulkadir is misguided, because you cannot appoint a man that has no clan, whose lineage is not yet known as Marafan Sokoto. His father Gurzula of blessed memory, was a slave bought by Gwaggo Uwar Gida at a price of two shillings at Tsohuwar Kasuwa market in Sokoto. Gurzula served Late Gwaggo Uwar Gida, late Magajin Gari Aliyu and Late Marafa Danbaba diligently.
“Traditionally, when a Prince gets married, he normally gets a slave to serve his daily needs. So, when Marafa Ahmad got married, Gwaggo Uwar Gida gave Gurzula to him as a gift to serve his daily requests.
“Your Excellency, when Magajin Gari Aliyu was appointed the Resident Officer of Kano, he took along with him Gurzula who served him diligently as a result of which Magajin Gari Aliyu made Gurzula head of his slaves. Later, Magajin Gari Aliyu was appointed Minister of State for Native Authority (N.A) in Kaduna. He took with him once again Gurzula to Kaduna where Gurzula met and married ‘Yar Gummi, a slave of Sarkin Shanu Alhaji Alhaji, who later gave birth to Inuwa. She is originally the daughter of a slave of Sarkin Mafaran Gummi.
“Your Excellency, ‘Yar Gummi’ died  as a cook at Yakubu Muazu Model Primary School despite all the blessings Allah did to her son, Inuwa. She ended up on motorcycle to her place of work daily. She once sent many messages to Sarkin Rafin Gumbi Samaila Abdulkadir and Sodangi Abdullahi, who are all alive today to testify to this, to kindly plead with her son Inuwa to improve her life,” the letter read.
Mr. Danbaba then cautioned the governor to ponder on his choice of Marafan Sokoto, by considering good moral character that will reflect on the legacies of the persons that previously held the title.

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