Yuletide: Muslim woman decorates pastor’s house with Christmas trees  

Muslim woman decorates pastor’s house with Christmas trees
Muslim woman decorates pastor’s house with Christmas trees

A peace ambassador and interfaith professional mediator in Kaduna state, Ramatu Tijjani has decorated the residence of Pastor Yohanna Buru, the general overseer of Christ Evangelical Church Sabon Tasha, with Christmas trees.

Speaking with newsmen on Wednesday in Kaduna, Mrs Tijjani said the gesture was to boost better understanding among different faiths in the country.

Mrs Tijjani, who is a specialist in conflict resolution in Africa, said the decoration of the pastor’s house with light, wreaths, stockings and ornaments is to strengthen peaceful co-existence and a better understanding of different faiths among citizens of Nigeria.

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“I observed that the Christmas tree is very vital to the life of every Christian all over the world, and that is why I bought it to decorate the pastor’s house, as a sign of promoting unity,  togetherness and to wish all Christians worldwide  the best of the season and happy new year in advance, Mrs Tijjani said.

According to her, both the Muslims and Christians are children of Adam and Eve who believe in One God and have holy books they believe in.

While urging people to support each other and live in peace and harmony, Mrs Tijjani said: “Both of them believe in life after death, and both believe in paradise and hell and that makes us all brothers and sisters.”

Muslim woman decorates pastor’s house with Christmas trees
Muslim woman decorates pastor’s house with Christmas trees

Mrs Tijjani said: “Christmas provides an opportunity for Muslims to demonstrate to their Christian neighbours that Islam is a faith of peace and love and that is why she wants to see widows, orphans and elderly persons at yuletide season smiling and enjoying themselves like any other Christian family during a season like this.”

Mrs Tijjani, therefore, called on wealthy individuals worldwide to help the needy during festivities like Christmas.

She also called on youths to shun all kinds of bad attitudes.

While commending the philanthropist for the gesture, the Man of God said: “Ramatu is the first woman who used her money to donate many things to churches, widows and orphans.”

Mr Buru prayed that God Almighty would bless her for donating the Christmas trees, new wrappers and food to the Christian needy.